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Congrats to Elite Pro Staff Member Eric (Turkey Beard) Otterness.


He took the FIRST Gould ever taken with 1UP Calls. Congrats Eric! Mother's Day, 2018: After setting up about 6:00 a.m. on a ranch near Aguascalientes, Mexico and watching 5 hens mill around, including a bearded hen, I got tired of listening to a gobbler in his strut zone atop a bluff straight away from me.


After the 3rd time I told my guide, Diego (AKA El Patron) that if he did it again we were going to beat feet and get on top of that bluff. Sure enough he did it a 4th time and away we went. 15 minutes after we set up I spotted a hen... then another hen... then the brightest, reddest head I've ever seen. Instead of veering away from towards the decoy he veered towards me and hung up behind a cedar tree. When he finally exposed his vitals I said, "Good morning." He was only 5 yards away. 20 lbs, 9.75" beard, 1" spur + 3/4" spur. Not much white in the saddle but it's a Goulds, completing the Royal Slam! El Patron assisted in the calling, I almost left the 1UP box call with him as a gift. Also used were Chuck's Killer V-4 and The 3 Gumodies and TB RIP. The other 4 hunters in the group took 4 birds that day, including Tracy Otterness filling 2 tags in the same spot an hour and a half apart, and 1 more (with a long bow) the next morning.


Tracy said...

"Chuck, I went out opening morning and got DRENCHED in your favorite weather......rain and SNOW. I could only take it until about 930 and then I came in to get dried off and warmed up. However, in Utah you can hunt all day and I had seen where they roosted the night before. Went back out around 5 and set up about 60 yards from the roost tree. Set out a couple of feeding hen decoys. At 7:30 I started seeing hens cruising around across the river. A few strokes on the Cedar and Walnut 1UP game calls got 6 of them to fly across the creek and into my field. We had a nice conversation for 26 minutes as they ranged from 15 to 40 yards from me. I was holding completely still but using the 1UP Chucks Killer V4. Our "conversation" got the attention of 4 Jakes who came into the field from my left. I waited a while to see if a big Tom would join the fun, but after about 10 minutes, I couldn't take it any longer and I pinched. Just a Jake, but I had to get some blood for my new gun. Lol. Tagged out in Utah on the first day of hunting for the 2nd year in a row thanks to 1UP."


One of my elementary school classmates Tommy Johnson and I set up in a field since it was raining. We got inside an old chicken coop to try to stay dry and put our decoys out in front of us. Sure enough a nice tom started coming in from our left out in the field. He was going to pass by us about 150 yards in front until I hit the 1UP Cedar/Walnut Box Call. He turned and headed straight to us. He was still a ways out and there was a little rise in front of us. As the big eastern dropped under the rise on our left, we saw motion to our right. It was a coyote on a collision course with our bird. I knew I had to do something so I stood up and started waving the one finger salute at the 'yote. He sure was surprised and took off back the way he came. Luckily, the tom was still behind the rise and couldn't see us. After a few more yelps, he came over the rise and headed in to our decoys. Tommy dropped the hammer at 45 yards and the celebration was on. Thanks again for the great calls, Chuck. Tracy


Congrats Tracy!

Elite Pro Staff Member Erich Higgins said "Well Chuck was finally able to get a bird after theses up and down weather conditions we have had in the great state of Missouri. I got in at 5:45 this morning and couldn't locate any birds so I set up in a spot they had clearly been in. Once the sun started coming up they started gobbling. I got them worked up with my handy go to wicked sister pot call. They flew down and worked the ridge line to me and by 6:36 they were in my lap and took the second bird who came in. 24.2 lbs 11 1/2 inch beard and 1" 1/8 and 1 1/4 spurs Was an awesome hunt!"

Congrats Erich!
Elite member of 1UP Game Calls,. Eric Otterness , better known to us as Turkey Beard said "After missing a turkey that came in in 20 minutes the first day and missing another that came in in 30 minutes the 2nd day, I patterned my shotgun. As I patterned it I realized that I was aiming it as if I was shooting my daughter's shotgun (put the bead on top of the turkey's head) instead of aiming it the way I should be (aim right at the caruncles). With that reminder I hunted on Wednesday the 18th.

After a late start getting into the woods I sat down in a valley to get out of extremely windy conditions. I don't use a box call much but the only call I pulled out today was a 1UP (Warrior Box Call) Mahogany box with a Purpleheart lid. After my second series of calls I heard an answer. 15 minutes later I got an answer again. 20 minutes later I heard a gobble that was closer, and I hadn't called. I got set up and the 3-year old came in at my 2:00 position. After working to my 6:00 position I was able to pivot to my left and get onto my belly. I inched towards an opening in the buckbrush and, when he stepped into the lane, I reminded myself, "Shoot the wattles." 11:15 a.m., 28 yards, 1" spurs on both legs, 21 lbs even, 9.25" beard... and a 3.25" beard, too!
Congrats Turkey Beard!

Elite Pro Staff Erich Higgins took his 7 year old daughter turkey hunting this morning in Missouri. Erich said "Chuck it was snowing this morning 22 deg outside with a wind chill of 8 set. My Daughter Cayera who is seven this year has been ready to go back Turkey hunting since last spring, decided sun rain or snow she wanted to go hunting today...

I had set her up a blind to sit in and we got in before light to blowing snow. The birds were gobbling at day light but we never seen any birds hit the field. About 720 I purred on my wicked sister "my favorite pot call" and nothing about 5 min later I look about 300 yards across this field and three toms come running into the decoys.

Well Cayera lined one up and shot well she misses and that was my fault I had the decoys too close. We get another shell jacked in and she took her second shot and downed this fine gobbler! And as she put it "he will be yummy in her tummy!!" 22 lbs 1 in spurs 11" beard.

After a particularly frustrating day the day before, I just started walking down a trail away from where I had been hunting and working some birds. I felt like God was guiding me. Eventually (about a mile and a half out) I came to a spot where I heard some new birds gobbling. I worked my way in as close as I dared and set up my decoy. I made 4 small clucks on my Wicked Sister slate call from 1UP Game Calls and then just shut up and waited. The gobbling continued for about a half an hour and then quit. An hour and a half later, I heard a couple of gobbles off to my left so I eased my barrel over to that side and was set up perfectly for them to come in from that direction. As I waited, I caught a motion off to my right. A different bird had snuck in silently from the right and was right on the decoy. I had to try to slowly move back to the right and as I did, he saw something he didn’t like and jumped behind some trees. As he was trying to figure it out, he stepped out and put his head right in an opening in the trees about 10 inches in diameter. I figured anything outside the 10 inch circle was wasted anyway so I pinched. At the shot, the old Tom commenced the “Dirt Twerk” and I made the mad dash to make sure he didn’t need a follow-up dose. It wasn’t needed as he was hit very well. 17.2 pounds, 1-1/4” spurs and 10” beard. Not a huge bird but good size for an Osceola. Thinking a 3 of 4 year old.



Second Osceola Long Beard - Tracy said " Suddenly at 12:38pm the trio started coming back in following the same way they came in before. This time, the Tom stayed off to one side and came in behind a tree. I knew he was in range but as he got closer he decided to slip through some brush going to my right. The brush wasn’t thick so I kept my bead on him. When he got about to the middle, he saw an opening where he could take a peek and did his best periscope impression. Big mistake. I let him have it. I leaped up and got to him quickly but he was down for the count. Took some quick pictures and got him loaded up and hustled off. Now I had a real problem. In addition to my other tasks, now I had a turkey to break down. As luck would have it, I finished my last task just as the LYFT driver pulled up in the driveway. 16.6 pounds, 1-1/8” right spur, 1” left spur and 9-1/2” beard. A very nice bird but just a little smaller than the first one in all the measurements. I was very blessed on this hunt and very thankful for the great experiences and fun. Congrats Tracy on two nice Osceola Long Beards!

Pro Staff member Chad Anderson down's a really nice Gobbler on 4/01/2018. Chad was using 1UP Game Calls "Sweet Cherry" box call. Chad said "This was a textbook hunt this morning. Called in 2 long beards into my lap gobbling, strutting, spit drumming and flopping by 7am Chad also said these two long beard went ballistic hearing the Sweet Cherry box call sing turkey". 10" beard 1" spurs and 21lbs.

Congrats Chad!

Elite member Eric Otterness of 1UP Game Calls downs this Missouri 8 pointer using 1UP Game Calls Buck Grunter.

Congrats Eric!

At 4:15 Saturday yesterday Novenber 11, 2017 Jack Nanney son of Elite 1UP Game Calls Team member Johnny Nanney, downs this good 10 point Buck around Martin, Tennessee.Jack and his Dad were hunting together when a hot doe came running out into a bean field.
Right behind her was this guy and another good buck. Jack staying cool and calm, laid the smack down on him at 250 yards with his 7mm.

Great shot and a GREAT buck and one proud Dad! Congratulations Jack.

My son Chuck down a good 10 pointer this morning.

Don't have all the details yet other than he is excited!

Pro Staffer Jim Burtram from Ghent,NY downs two NY gobblers.

First one is 22 1/2lbs 10 1/2" beard and 1 1/4" spurs. Second NY gobbler 10" beard 1 1/8" spurs and weights in at 20lbs. Jim was using 1UP Game Calls Chuck's Killer V4 mouth calls.


Congrats Jim!

Thanks to some soft sweet purrs from the 1UP Game Calls Turkey Beard RIP diaphram call, I was able to close the distance on this small, but mature Utah mountain Rio this morning.

Tagged out in 2 states this year.

You make great calls Chuck Tiranno.

John and Earl and I went up a ridge and had 2 Jakes in range for Earl but he couldn’t see beards and wanted to be careful not to shoot a hen. They circled around us and then started up the logging road back towards us. Before they circled, John had spent probably an hour and a half trying to call them into us. He probably walked 10 miles back and forth trying to get them in. As they came up, they were on our left side so Earl set up on that side of the road. I went off to the right and found a nice big double-tree.

John stayed behind us and had switched over from his call to my 1UP Game Calls Wicked Sister slate. He was really sounding sexy now. As they came up the ridge, they steadily worked their way to our right until the crossed the road and were even to the right of me.

By this time those birds had probably gobbled 1000 times. When they came into sight I could see that there were 3 of them and all long-beards. I got lined up but waited hoping they would drift back to the left and Earl could get a shot. As it worked out, the lead bird started to drift left, but he waited too long and was walking right down my gun barrel. When he got to 20 yards, he noticed something fishy and pulled his head straight up. I knew I was busted so I pinched..

Great hunt. Worked for this bad boy real hard. 22lbs

10.75" beard and 1 " spurs.

Congrads Striker!

Elite Pro Staff Erich Higgins downs Gobbler #5.

Erich said "Number five for the year chuck. This guy made me work for him few yelps and cuts with the 1UP Game Calls Chuck Killer V4 and his attention was to me and off the hens I had to close the distance on him to change his mind by 200 yards but he finally strutted in one spot and the hens left him before he knew it. It was time for my gun Gretchen to sing. What a time I have had this season! Nothing better then 1UP Calls....let the wattles hit the dirt and as Calls That Put'em On The Wall !!!

Nick Austin down this gobbler at 6:45 on May 2, 2017 on my old hunting ground in Shelby, NY.
Nick said "I was couldn't get the spot I wanted to setup at. Hen flew down and I hurried to setup my decoy. Sat down and here they come, all in a line and started to go away from me. But I started yelping on my mouth call (Chuck's Killer V4) and here they come right towards me with this gobbler in strut. Called them in to 20 yards and this bad boy is riding home with me".

Congrats Nick!

Elite Pro Staff Member Dr Nick Cromwell opening morning in Friendship, NY downs this nice gobbler.

9 3/4" beard with 1" spurs, weighting in at 21 i/4 lbs.

Congrats Nick!

1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staffer Eric Otterness better know as "Turkey Beard" down a Missouri Gobbler field testing 1UP Game Calls newest call "The Twin Sister". It a doubled sided Slate over Slate call and gives a very rich true turkey hen sound. Congrats Turkey Beard!

Dave Demorest downed his FIRST ever Gobbler with a little help from 1UP Game Calls Elite Pro Staff Eric Otterness better know as "Turkey Beard".

Eric said "The 1UP Game Calls NEW Twin Sister (Slate over Slate double sided Call) did the job for Dave. His FIRST GOBBLER and another turkey hunter is born.

Congrat to Dave and Turkey Beard!


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