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Chuck, I used the Wicked Lady glass call to get the attention of some turkeys. Saw four jakes come out into a field where I was set up. They were about 300 yds out so again I hit them with the Wicked Lady call & all four of them gobbled. I set that call down & took up the Hot Hen 2 diapraghm call & called them in all the way across the field to get within 15 paces of me & took the closest jake. I think they would have run me over looking to see where the faux hen was, using those 1UP Game Calls. A fun & fantastic hunt.

Peter Cherico III



Chuck, That Wicked Sister is one bad pot call. Only the second slate call I've ever bought because they never sound like a turkey to me but that Sister and the Wicked Twin are fantastic.
Erich Higgins Missouri


Chuck, I've been going through all, and I mean ALL of my diaghram calls, trying to decide on which ones to take Tuesday morning and your Killer "V" 4 is going to be my go to call...After much playing with it I'm finding tons of volume control on the yelps, great purrs & clucks and some awesome cutts with this call!!!

I'll tell you that for the past 4 years I've relied heavily on a Hooks Executioner because it made me sound good...After using your call it's actually making me sound BETTER!

Thanks for a great call!!!
T Fralick Watertown NY



Chuck, I wanted to let you know that I used both the slate and red dawg friction calls this turkey season and they caused 4 long beards to lose their lives. They make the best clucks and purrs I ever heard. What great calls. I didn't get to use the glass call but it really sounds nice and would fool any long beard. I only use the mouth call for close in work and your diaphragm calls are the best ever. What super quality sound from Chucks Killer "V" 4 call. I just loved this call. It has the quality needed to win calling contests Those four longs beards came in looking for a content hen and all they got was a head full of number 6's

So glad things are working out for you. Your calls are great and even better than you know who.

G Lindaman Whitehall, PA


Tom Crunkleton of Fair Grove, MO killed 2 turkeys this spring, using the Hot Hen 2 from 1Up Game Calls. The first one, a jake, was called in at about 8:00 on 4-18-12 and he followed that up by calling in a nice 2 year old bird at 10:00 a.m. on 4-26-12. The second bird had hung up with 4 of his friends way out at the edge of being seen, but the Hot Hen 2, with its ability to make high-pitched squeals, pulled them in. They leap-frogged their way the last 200 yards and Tom picked out the biggest one of the bunch. Crunkleton says, “I have a half-dozen other mouth calls at home and didn’t even take them out after killing that first bird. If 1Up keeps making these calls, they’ll make a fortune… they just fit right!”

T. Crunkleton!


My son Kyle's first season turkey hunting and Chuck taught him how to use a call. Kyle hunted the NYS youth season with his Dad and called in his first turkey using 1UP Game Calls Wicked Sister. He was so excited that he called him in himself and I want to thank Chuck and thanks 1Up Game Calls.


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